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Featuring: Covenantal Catechism

Some catechetical programs offer little more than an overview of Reformed theology. Not this one.

Donald Van Dyken's Covenantal Catechism offers the next generation grounding in the unfolding journey of God and His people throughout redemptive history. It thus provides a well-rounded foundational understanding of the holy Scriptures.

Build Knowledge of the Entire Bible

This progressive course of study of God's covenantal redemptive revelation to His people works through the Bible's full scope, Genesis to Revelation, in six books.

Church and Home

Covenantal Catechism is primarily designed for your church education or Sunday School program. The material is eminently suitable for home educators - and has been used profitably by a great number in that setting.


We are so happy to have found your materials! Your books are both teacher-friendly and kid- friendly and yet contain the foundational concepts that help in understanding all of Scripture. Plus, the parents are involved in the teaching!

Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church Minnetonka, Minnesota

The beauty of this curriculum is its simplicity. The focus is on Christ.... Some other curriculums claimed to be Christ-centered, but this one really is. It's the best curriculum I've seen.

Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church Hollywood, Florida

Further Tools to Motivate and Equip

In addition to the course of study itself, Line of Promise offers other material which will assist you and your children.

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